Monday, November 22, 2010


CUTE AND ADORABLE! Those are words fitted the students of Year 4 Sumazau Dancers during the SK. Tambulian 2010 MAPC celebration on the 18th November, 2010. Armed with breath taking traditional costumes and graceful dancing steps, they steal the lime light on that day! They deserve a standing ovation for their tireless efforts and initiative in pulling the sumazau dance presentation at the last minute of preparation for the coming MAPC, and they did it on their own! Salute and congratulation for the dancers (in random orders): Dedan, Alfa Omega, Shaherra, Tizzelin, Fionna, Marlon, Arby, Hendrick Khazol, Jonnex, Arnelian, D.Audreyvera and Herbert. Keep the Dusun traditional dance alive!

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